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Anti-Bee & Bug Soda Beer Can Saver | Protect your Drink | Keep your Beverage Insect Free


Anti-Bee & Bug Soda Beer Can Saver | Protect your Drink | Keep your Beverage Insect Free

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Brand: TopaCan


  • KEEP THOSE BEES & BUGS OUT - Our can lids are the most efficient and hassle-free way to keep your favorite canned beverages completely guarded from insects such as bees, wasps, moths, roaches, beetles, and others and still be easy to drink from.
  • SET OF 4 SODA CAN COVERS- This set comes with 4 of our anti-bug beverage can lids. These can lids come in 2 different colors, 2 red and 2 black, and are easily customized using permanent marker to let others know which one yours is.
  • EASY TO DRINK FROM - We've made our soda saver with an anti-spill design that features a slotted screen opening towards the bottom and a rimmed exterior, so you can easily enjoy your drink to the last drop without any sudden splashes or spills.
  • PERFECTLY FITS MOST SIZED CANS - Having a diameter of approximately 2.13 inches which is the standard US can size for most 11.3 oz, 12, oz, 16 oz, and 19.2 oz beverages, our beverage can covers will easily fit onto and protect most canned drinks.
  • MADE IN THE USA --- MAKES A FANTASTIC GIFT - If you have friends or family members who love hosting summer BBQ's, pool parties, go camping, or enjoy other outdoor events, our soda can lids can make the perfect spring, summer time, or autumn gift for them.


TopaCan Can Keeper – Keep those bees and bugs out!

Do you or someone you know love hosting BBQ’s, picnics, and other outdoor parties, but worry about bugs, bees, and wasps getting into your drinks when you’re not looking? Have you been looking for a way to protect your drinks while also keeping them easy to drink from? If so, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!


Presenting ★TopaCan’s Beverage Can Covers★

Our soda can covers are the perfect way to keep your favorite canned beverages free of pesky bees and other sneaky insects thanks to its sealed anti-bug design. Having a 2.13-inch diameter, our can lid can form a perfect seal around the lid of most US 11.3 oz, 12, oz, 16 oz, and 19.2 oz canned drinks. Then once sealed onto the can, each lid only has an opening at the bottom that’s been perfectly slotted so that bees, wasps, moths, roaches, and most other insects cannot get into your drink. This makes our soda can lids perfect to use during outdoor parties and events during the spring, summer, and autumn.


This slotted screen also makes our can covers easy to drink from without spilling your drink. Thanks to the seal the soda can lid makes around the can and having an upper rimmed edge around 3/4ths of it’s top, when you drink from one of our soda savers, your drink won’t drip out from the bottom or overflow.


Need more reasons to choose us?

  • Customize your own soda saver using permanent marker so that everyone can know which can is yours
  • This set comes with 4 beverage can lids in the colors red and black
  • Made with durable and premium quality materials that are easy to clean
  • BPA Free



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